Water Serpents II (1904-07) by Gustav Klimt

Water Serpents II - Klimt, Gustav - 1904-07

Artwork Information

TitleWater Serpents II
ArtistGustav Klimt
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions80 x 145 cm
Current LocationPrivate collection, Vienna
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About Water Serpents II

Water Serpents II, an oil painting by Gustav Klimt from 1907, depicts the sensuality of women’s bodies and same-sex relationships. It is the follow-up painting to Water Serpents I, a similar piece created by Klimt. Notably, the artist produced several more studies for this work of art in 1905-06 before its completion.

Klimt’s depiction of “sensual ladies in water” is apparent in both Water Serpents I and II. However, Water Serpents II features an enhanced use of color and intricate layering techniques that create depth within the image. The women depicted are intertwined and seemingly lost within one another, evoking a sense of intimacy.

While controversial at its time due to its depiction of sensuality and same-sex relationships, Water Serpents II has since been recognized as a masterpiece and a significant contribution to Art Nouveau movement. Although Klimt passed away over a century ago, his artwork continues to fascinate people with their beauty and themes that remain relevant today such as sexuality and femininity empowerment in art.

Overall, Water Serpents II is a marvelously complex artwork whose sensuality depictions were groundbreaking for its time period.

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