November Sun Emerging (1956-59) by Charles Burchfield

November Sun Emerging - Charles Burchfield - 1956-59

Artwork Information

TitleNovember Sun Emerging
ArtistCharles Burchfield
MediumWatercolor on paper
Dimensions37 3/4 x 31 7/8 in.
Current LocationPrivate collection

About November Sun Emerging

November Sun Emerging is a watercolor artwork created by American painter Charles E. Burchfield between 1956-1959. Burchfield was known for his passionate watercolors of nature scenes and townscapes, which includes a unique stylization of form while maintaining a perceptive sense of weather and light. This artwork portrays the sun as a dramatic orb in a countryside setting. Burchfield’s paintings are characterized by realistic watercolors of American scenery and mystical poetic landscapes.

The November Sun Emerging artwork is part of Burchfield’s collection, which is available for public viewing at the Burchfield Penney Art Center. It holds the largest public collection of his works, including over 10,000 pages of handwritten journals, 25,000 drawings, and other ephemera. His style is highly expressive, using bold colors and brushstrokes, in a way that captures the essence of the natural world. This artwork is available in reproductions, which allow viewers to experience its beauty and intricate details.

In summary, November Sun Emerging is an excellent portrayal of Burchfield’s artistic style, where he combines highly expressive brushstrokes and bold colors to create a captivating image. It is a representation of the sun in a countryside setting, demonstrating Burchfield’s perceptive sense of weather and light. His paintings are highly prized and are recognized for their realistic depictions of nature and mystical poetic landscapes.

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