Tischruecken (Seance) (1981) by Sigmar Polke

Tischruecken (Seance) - Sigmar Polke - 1981

Artwork Information

TitleTischruecken (Seance)
ArtistSigmar Polke
Dimensions70 7/8 x 86 5/8 in. (180 x 220 cm)
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About Tischruecken (Seance)

Tischruecken (Seance) is an artwork by the German artist Sigmar Polke, painted in 1981. It consists of three panels, with the largest being a vibrant 180cm x 220cm center section which contrasts against the two smaller panels that flank it. Polke has used acrylic print fabrics to give a textured and patterned look to his work. The play of colors and patterns in this painting creates an intriguing and alluring composition which draws the viewer in, providing an interesting vision of post-modernism.

The subject matter of this painting is also worthy of mention. Polke’s suggestion of various shapes and forms alludes to humanity’s spiritual aspects, urging us to investigate and contemplate our relationships with both people and nature. As viewers explore Tischruecken (Seance), they will gain insight into art beyond popular aesthetics – encouraging self-reflection on their own existence.

Sigmar Polke’s Tischruecken (Seance) can be seen as a captivating exploration into postmodernism as well as an invitation to delve deeper into our relationship with others and the world around us. Likewise, Camille Pissarro’s famous work Two Young Peasant Women from 1892 is another example of how we can appreciate art in the wider context it is presented in rather than just aesthetically pleasing elements – offering viewers thought-provoking experiences through vibrant colours and meaningful subjects.

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