Title Plate (1761) by Giovanni Piranesi

Title Plate - Giovanni Piranesi - 1761

Artwork Information

TitleTitle Plate
ArtistGiovanni Piranesi
Dimensions55.3 x 41.9 cm
Art MovementNeoclassicism

About Title Plate

The artwork titled “Title Plate” was created by the artist Giovanni Piranesi in 1761. It is an etching that belongs to the Neoclassicism art movement and it is part of the “Carceri” series. The dimensions of this etching are 55.3 x 41.9 cm, and the genre of the work is categorized as interior.

In the depiction of the artwork, one observes a scene replete with the elements of a grand and mysterious architectural space. The perspective is complex, inviting the observer into an oppressive yet intriguing environment reminiscent of a dungeon or subterranean lair. The etching is rich in intricate details, achieving a deep chiaroscuro effect through the contrast of light and shadow, which enhances the dramatic and imaginative qualities of the composition.

Closer examination reveals an assortment of elements that contribute to the labyrinthine atmosphere: chains dangle from the ceiling, bridging levels within the architecture, while arches and staircases intersect, leading the eye through a maze of stone and shadow. The work seems to serve as an allegorical reference to the human condition, caught between the confines of a constructed world that is both physically imposing and symbolically restrictive. This masterful etching by Piranesi therefore encapsulates the principles of Neoclassicism through its exploration of classical architecture with a visionary twist, and the artist’s exceptional skill in conveying depth and texture is evident throughout the etching.

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