John Frederick Kensett Biography and Artwork

John Frederick Kensett was a prominent American landscape painter and engraver who was born on March 22, 1816, in Cheshire, Connecticut. He came from an artistic family with his father and uncle being engravers. Kensett himself trained as an engraver under their guidance before turning to landscape painting.

As a member of the Hudson River School of artists, Kensett was known for his serene landscapes that celebrated the transcendental qualities of nature. He is also recognized as the master of “luminism,” a specific mode in American landscape painting that emphasized light-filled vistas and serene surfaces.

Among Kensett’s most revered works are his New England and New York State landscapes which highlight the clear light shining across natural settings. His preferred subject matter included scenes from Lake George located in the Adirondack Mountains along with various coastlines around New York and New England.

Kensett passed away on December 14, 1872, in New York City. His significant contributions to American landscape painting continues to inspire contemporary artists today.

All John Frederick Kensett Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
A Woodland Waterfall c. 1855 Oil On Canvas
October Day In The White Mountains 1854 Oil On Canvas
The White Mountains - From North Conway 1851 Oil On Canvas
Niagara Falls And The Rapids c. 1851-52 Oil On Canvas
Newport Coast c. 1865-70 Oil On Canvas
The Langdale Pike 1858 Oil On Canvas
View On The Hudson 1865 Oil On Canvas
Conway Valley, New Hampshire 1854 Oil On Canvas
Beacon Rock, Newport Harbor 1857 Oil On Canvas
Eaton's Neck, Long Island c.1872 Oil on Canvas
Sunset on the Sea 1872 Oil on Canvas
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