Albrecht Durer Biography and Artwork

Albrecht Dürer was a renowned German Renaissance artist born on May 21, 1471 in Nuremberg, Germany. He was widely known for his vast body of work which includes altarpieces, religious works, portraits, self-portraits and copper engravings. His high-quality woodcut prints made him famous and established his reputation across Europe in his twenties.

Dürer was considered the most significant German painter and engraver of his time achieving worldwide fame during his lifetime at home and abroad due to this oil paintings, engravings and altarpieces as well as numerous treatises on art theory. He established contact with major Italian artists like Raphael, Giovanni Bellini, and Leonardo da Vinci through whom he drew inspiration for some of his works.

His most famous works include Knight Death and the Devil, Saint Jerome in His Study among others. He worked with Emperor Maximilian I which helped cement his legacy further as a renowned artist.

In summary, Albrecht Dürer’s contribution to art is highly recognized both locally in Germany as well as internationally where he gained a lot of influence during the Renaissance period throughout Europe.

All Albrecht Durer Artwork on Artchive

Artwork Name Year Medium
Adam And Eve 1507 Oil On Panel
Rhinoceros 1515 woodcut
The Holy Trinity 1511 woodcut
Valley Kalchreuth 1495 watercolor
Portrait Of A Girl 1515 charcoal,paper
Adam and Eve 1510 pen,ink
Madonna and child on the grassy bank 1515
Flagellation 1512 engraving
Lion 1494
Resurrection 1512 engraving
Head of a apostle 1509
Christ Taken Captive 1511 woodcut
Christ Taking Leave of His Mother 1511 woodcut
Head of an apostle 1508
The Last Supper 1511 woodcut
Agnes Durerin in Dutch Tracht 1521
Self-Portrait 1521 pen
The Last Supper 1523 pen,ink
A Young Girl of Cologne and Durer's Wife 1520 metalpoint
Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand c.1496 woodcut
Portrait of Durer Endres, brother of the painter 1514
Portrait of Emperor Maximilian I 1518
St. Jerome In His Study 1514 Engraving
Self-portrait At 28 1500 Oil On Panel
Self-portrait At 22 1493 Oil On Linen, Transferred From Vellum
The Paumgartner Altarpiece c. 1498-1504 Oil On Panel
Melencolia I 1514 Engraving
Knight, Death And Devil 1513 Engraving
Portrait Of Hieronymus Holzschuher 1526 Oil On Panel
Wing Of A Roller 1512 Watercolor And Gouache On Vellum
Willow Mill c. 1496-98 Watercolor And Gouache On Paper
Portrait Of Elsbeth Tucher 1499 Oil On Panel
Pond In The Woods c. 1496 Watercolor And Gouache On Paper
Portrait Of Duerer's Mother 1514 Charcoal On Paper
The Wire-drawing Mill c. 1489 Watercolor And Gouache On Paper
Lamentation For Christ c. 1500-03 Oil On Panel
Adam and Eve 1504 etching
Apostle Philip 1516 Tempera on Canvas
Christ as the Man of Sorrows 1493 Oil on Panel
Virgin and Child before an Archway 1496 Oil on Panel
Christ Among the Doctors 1506 Oil on Panel
Portrait of Michael Wolgemut 1516 Oil on Panel
St. Michael's fight against the dragon 1497 - 1498 Woodcut
The Seven Sorrows of the Virgin c. 1496-97 Oil on panel
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1498 woodcut
The Four Holy Men 1526 Oil on Panel
St Jerome in the Wilderness c. 1494 Oil on panel
Study of Praying Hands c.1508 paper
The Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand 1508 Oil on Panel
A Young Hare 1502 Watercolor on Paper
Portrait of a Young Venetian Woman 1505 Oil on Panel
Portrait of Durer's Father at 70 1497 Oil on panel
Self-Portrait at 26 1498 Oil on Panel
St Anne with the Virgin and Child 1519 tempera,Oil on Panel
The Large Turf 1503 watercolor
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